Corporate Magician

With over 11 years of experience within the corporate entertainments industry, Nick Stein has developed his performance repertoire to ensure that he is able to accommodate the many different challenges and formats of the Corporate Events market.

From entertaining company employees and their guests at an office party aboard a Yacht to performing for a firm's VIP clients in their corporate hospitality suite or performing large scale shows at business conferences, Nick is able to draw on his experience and expertise to ensure your clients, guests and employees see nothing but the high calibre entertainment they deserve. 

When you book Nick Stein, you are not just hiring another entertainer for your next office party, you are engaging a highly skilled and experienced corporate entertainment specialist, who will ensure your guests enjoy themselves and perform as an ambassador of your firm and brand.


Nick Stein performing close up magic at a Corporate Event Party

Company parties and events

If you are organising a company party or large-scale event, you may wish to consider booking Nick to perform close up magic throughout the drinks reception part of the proceedings, mingling amongst your guests, breaking the ice and creating a positive, buzzing atmosphere throughout the venue. Nick will approach small groups of people and perform engaging and interactive effects that allow the spectator to get involved and really feel the magic happen in their own hands. This creates a strong, lasting memory with the spectator which ensures that your guests will be talking about your event for years to come.

Nick is also able to perform a show. Interactive and engaging, it is guaranteed to have the audience in stitches of laughter and gasping with amazement. This is a great way to round off the speeches or a company dinner as it easily transitions into the evening's entertainment such as the DJ and the dance floor being opened.

Corporate Hospitality

Nick has performed for many blue chip companies and is regularly engaged by them to entertain their VIP clients and Sponsors and celebrities in their Hospitality suites. 

As an ambassador of your firm, Nick is a complete professional and is well versed in how to conduct himself in such a setting. Nick will NEVER take selfies with celebrities, or ask for autographs and will always maintain a professional and respectful manner whilst engaging and entertaining your special guests with ease and charm.

Corporate entertainer Nick Stein performing Close up magic in Goodwood hospitality for Rolex

Trade Show Magician Nick Stein performing magic at a trade show stand

Trade Shows

Want to offer more than a free pen or a glass of champagne? If you book Nick Stein for your next trade show, he will ensure you stand out and are remembered over your competitors.

Nick started his career as a street performer in the world-famous Covent Garden in London. For years Nick learnt how to attract a crowd, hold their attention and mould them into a loving audience that hangs on his every word. During this time Nick performed countless shows, stopping complete strangers in the street and convincing them to stay and watch for 40 minutes before continuing with their days.

This skill has proved invaluable at Corporate Trade Shows. You can book Nick to draw the footfall to your companies stand in what is always a highly competitive environment. 

Nick will draw in potential clients and give them a short demonstration before handing them over to a sales rep. This process not only attracts attention to your stand but also spreads the word around the venue, bringing more people to your stand in the hope of catching the free show. Onlookers film the performance and post it on social media with your #tag and @handle.

The main benefit here is that your sales reps are engaging with warm leads who have already been primed by Nick during his show. In addition to this, Nick is able to interact with large numbers of people at a time and scan visitor passes to collect valuable data about your prospective clients.

Incorporating your brand, logo, tag lines and products within his performance is also possible, as well as a short pitch on your products and services.

Premises and product launches

From grand openings to individual product launches, Nick is able to incorporate your Logo, tagline, products and services within his performance.

If you are looking for a way to create a buzz around your next launch whilst staying on topic and in line with your branding, Nick is the choice for you. 

Nick has worked with high profile luxury brands as well as well known High Street names to help launch products and store openings. Perhaps you are looking for a way to create a publicity stunt? 

TV & Viral Advertising

Social media is becoming ever more important in the corporate world.

Nick Stein is able to perform magic to cameras as well as to the public, using your brand and products whilst being filmed. This is a highly effective way of generating content for your corporate social media platforms. It is proven that Facebook strongly favours video content, which is also supported by most of the other social media platforms out there. 

Nick is often booked by brands to create TV and online viral advertising for their new apps and products. Most recently Nick Stein featured in an advert for Kodak to launch a new app. Within minutes of the video going live it was featured on with over 1,000 shares as well as 161,317 views on Youtube and counting.