The Crooked Croupier

The saying goes: "Never give a sucker an even break!"

If you are looking for a fun way to treat your guests to an evening they won't forget, look no further. This themed experience is a display of mischief, chicanery, poker- faced cheating and a lesson or two in the art of the con.

Nick Stein has a fascination with card cheating, ancient con-games and the delicate psychology of the proposition bet. This is a rare opportunity for your guests to play the games they cannot win on the streets with no risk to their own purse strings. Ever walked past a game of Three Card Monte or a Shell and Pea game and thought: "I bet I could find it"? Well here’s your chance - its your turn to try and beat the cheat. To ease the sting of losing, Nick also promises to teach you and your fellow gamblers a few of his own proposition bets so you will never have to buy a drink again.

So, brush that chalk mark off your back, come on in and try your luck.

"The con is on!"


Suitable for All Events

The Crooked Croupier is an extremely flexible concept that can be tailored to suit any event. Nick can perform an intimate parlour show for your guests or can be added to a Las Vegas night as one of the gaming tables. Some of the most popular ways in which The Crooked Croupier can enhance your event are outlined below.


The Parlour Show

The Crooked Croupier show is an intimate parlour show suitable for audiences of up to 30 people. The show is perfect for dinner parties, corporate functions and team building events. Nick is also often booked to perform at Weddings for the Bride and Groom and their close family and friends before the evening guests arrive. The show is interactive and engaging. Nick not only demonstrates the underground techniques of the Cheat but also tips some of his own bar bets and short cons throughout the show, teaching you and your guests how to win free drinks for life.


A unique twist and a special touch, the Mystery Room format is ideal for private functions and smaller corporate events. 

Nick will work in a dedicated room – henceforth the mystery room- and entertain your guests in small groups of 5 to 10 at a time. This is a rare opportunity for an interactive, (crooked) gambling expose with Nick, in which he lifts the lid of the secret world of backroom gambling and the art of the con. After watching Nick's performance, the audience will be reminded to keep this experience a mystery to the other guests. Rumours, however outrageous, are heartily encouraged. 


This format is guaranteed to be a huge hit at your next dinner party or if you are holding a smaller scale corporate event and prefer to offer a more low key entertainment program. 

Nick has performed the Mystery Room format in all manner of different rooms, from the library to the kitchen or even the cupboard under the stairs!

Nick Stein Crooked Croupier Gambling Expose and Card Shark


When exhibiting at a trade show you'll primarily be there to achieve the following:

1.) Driving footfall to your stand and collecting valuable data by scanning passes.

2.) Creating awareness and interest in your company's brand and products.

Nick's 'Trade Show Cheat' performance will effortlessly achieve both of these. As an experienced street performer, Nick is an expert at drawing a crowd in any environment. The footfall drawn to your stall can easily be approached either by Nick or your sales team to scan passes and harvest whatever information you may need. His performance offers memorable entertainment and the possibility to prime onlookers with key information. This approach is extremely effective as Nick is able to hand over large groups of leads to your team and will continue to draw the footfall and keep them entertained until the sales team are free to take on another group. 

In addition to this, Nick creates a social media buzz around your stall as people watch, film and share his performance using your @handle and #tag which in turn boosts your social media profile both at the event and in general and of course drives further footfall to your trade show stand.

Crooked Croupier card sharp and conman Nick Stein performing Beat the Cheat


You may be holding a large scale event such as a conference, a festival or Expo event.

At events such as these it is most effective for Nick to roam freely throughout the premises, performing short cons and proposition bets along side crooked gambling games such as the shell game and three card monte. Nick builds small crowds of 2- 5 people and entertains them for a while, leaving them laughing in disbelief as he moves on to his next victims.

Crooked Croupier walk by act at a corporate event

The Walk By Act

If you are holding a Corporate Ball, Prom or Charity Gala and would like to give your event that extra touch of classy entertainment, this is the perfect option for you.

In this format your guests can approach, play and leave at their own leisure. Nick will distribute a healthy stack of chips to all the players at the table and promptly proceed to relieve victims of their new found wealth. He will keep them laughing and marvelling at the devious methods of the Gambling Cheat.

This option also blends perfectly with Las Vegas and Casino Night themes. If you have already booked a fun casino set up, Nick can blend in perfectly as just another gambling table - but of course he will shamelessly separate the unsuspecting ‘suckers’ from their chips using sleight of hand and real world cheating techniques. Nick will then reveal that he has been playing with a couple of aces up his sleeve. Not only does he then return their chips but also demonstrates how they can protect themselves from a would be card shark as well as teaching some of his own bar bets.