Performance Styles

Magician Nick Stein is regularly booked to perform a range of different performance styles at all kinds of different events around the world. To see which of these would best compliment your special day, Nick is always happy to offer advice and talk you through all of the available options to ensure you get the highest possible impact from his performance.

If you are organising an event, it may require that extra special touch, such as a bespoke performance tailored exclusively to your exact specifications. Nick is able to give you the unique, once-in-a-lifetime blend of wow-factor and astonishment that will transform your event into a timeless memory that your guests will continue to talk about for years.



Close up magic is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. It is perfect for champagne receptions, garden parties, cocktail evenings, corporate events and weddings etc. 

Nick will mingle with your guests, approaching them in small groups and engaging them with close-up effects. The magic happens right in front of them and at times even in their own hands.

In such close proximity, it would seem impossible to hide from the audiences' ever watchful eyes and yet, as a master of sleight of hand and misdirection, Nick's devious dexterity will continuously evade detection. He is always one step ahead of even the most vigilant spectators, in a delightfully infuriating way.

Nick's charming manner and witty, razor-sharp sense of humour is guaranteed to get the mood going and set the tone.

The mark of a skilled close up magician is not only measured by the effects he performs but also the way in which he is able to maintain the delicate balance of astonishing his onlookers whilst making it seem effortless, without showing off or taking centre stage. When executed well, close-up magic is the perfect ice breaker, adding a personal touch ensuring there will be a natural warm buzz of excitement, chatter and laughter throughout the room. 

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Nick Stein performs a selection of different shows, from an outrageously funny comedy magic show to a tailored branded show – whatever is required to enhance your event.

Due to his background in street theatre, Nick is a skilled performer who is able to work for a seated or standing audience or, if necessary, able to gather a crowd.

Regardless of the location of the event, a stage show can easily be set up, even without a stage. All lighting equipment and even power sources are provided, which means the show can take place outside in your garden, in a marquee or even in the park at a festival. The possibilities are endless. For more information about booking a show for your event, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


The Crooked Croupier

The saying goes: "Never give a sucker an even break!"

If you are looking for a fun way to treat your guests to an evening they won't forget, look no further. This themed experience is a display of mischief, chicanery, poker- faced cheating and a lesson or two in the art of the con.

Nick Stein has a fascination with card cheating, ancient con-games and the delicate psychology of the proposition bet. This is a rare opportunity for your guests to play the games they cannot win on the streets with no risk to their own purse strings. Ever walked past a game of Three Card Monte or a Shell and Pea game and thought: "I bet I could find it"? Well here’s your chance - its your turn to try and beat the cheat. To ease the sting of losing, Nick also promises to teach you and your fellow gamblers a few of his own proposition bets so you will never have to buy a drink again. So, brush that chalk mark off your back, come on in and try your luck.

The con is on!

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